Wish List: proud and strong

A proud and strong woman. This is how I feel. I feel like a tiger that can hardly be stopped. And you know why? Because I fully own my life, I’m fully aware of my body, which is only mine and or of who I decide to share it with. I’m in peace with my flaws and I’ve recognized what makes me special. I manage my mind and I’m free to share and express my ideas. Maybe society is still holding us back. Maybe society is still unfair. Men are already expressing their 100%. Women only a percentage of their potential. Folks, it’s going to be trouble once we get to do it.

April Wish List.png

1.Judy Kaufmann.┬áThis Barcelona based illustrator has a fresh and colorful personal creative signature. I fell in love with the way she represented Frida Khalo on this mobile cover. 2.TwoStringJane. That’s where you should be looking for unique, handmade T-shirt… I already picked my favorite one. 3.Milk and Honey. Love, pain, acceptance of our body, to not make it but to find the strength to keep on going. This book will be soon on my bedside table

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