#1 Monthly Etsy picks by ZingyThingies

I’m a Millennial. I couldn’t live without the Internet. If I forget my smartphone home, I feel lost, offline and uncomfortable (yes, I know this is not completely right…). I pay bills online. I book accommodation and flights online (I’ve never set foot in a travel agency office in all my life). I buy things online.
At the same time, I feel very much local, though. The community feeling is very important to me and, as a consumer, it is very important I make the right choice so that to support the right business and entrepreneurial project. I like crafts, handmade objects, one of a kind and original staff. I like supporting local artists and small businesses with brilliant people and original ideas behind the objects produced.

Where else can you find all of this but on Etsy? Yep, nowhere else. I learned about Etsy for the first time in 2009, thanks to and Australian former colleague who knew about my passion for DIY, crafts and for local craft markets. Etsy is an online market place/community connecting local artists, designers, sellers and buyers looking for handmade goods with an extra kick, whether it’s clothing, or craft supplies, jewelry, home and living, art and collectible.

I spend an endless amount of time browsing around Etsy, sometimes I buy, sometimes I just check things and shops, and get inspired. I thought, why not to share the lovely “zingy thingies” and shops I come across on Etsy and feature them in a monthly post? There you go then, the 1st “Monthly Etsy picks by Zingythingies”.

Sidney based, Monica is a gifted contemporary jewelry maker and handcrafts jewelry accessorizes as well as home decor objects. My favorite one? This ear cuff, crafted by using syringes to bring the attention to the pain and suffering animals have to undergo during pharmaceutical testing.


I go crazy for wooden sunglasses and these ones by Woodeer are simply great with such details on the temple; they are made by oak and crafted in Lithuania.

If I had a house all for myself, I would 100% make sure to use some quirky wall paper to add extra little details to one of my rooms, maybe the studio. I came across this nice shop full of prints and extremely inspiring illustrations by Kate, Washington based surface artist. I J-U-S-T L-O-V-E T-H-E-M A-L-L


Summer in Venice is just hot and to wear clothes in the right material is just essential. Linen is one of them. Ieva has been running her family business and producing linen clothing and dresses like this lovely striped skirt with lateral pockets, just perfect for an “al fresco” Italian summer.


When you start checking the time too often, it means there is something wrong and that you are likely to feel bored. Not with a handmade watch with a vintage graphic, from Impressionist prints to Japanese and floral pattern. They are crafted in the the Philippines by Helen
These felt hats are handcrafted by Sabri Tunca and are just one of a kind: each of them is a colorful and warm piece of art. They have just personality and are handmade in Turkey.
Christine is the talented Berlin jewelry maker behind Gudbling, and crafts statement earrings and necklaces with fabrics: she mixes crocheting, beads and metallic details. These earrings are my fav ones!

Tesler Mendelovitch
Orli and her partner are a “textile team”, they develop raw material that can then be applied to create wonderful goods. While their material is the product itself, they came up with a unique line of wood clutches that are at the same time elegant and  stylish, natural and warm.
Behind each and one of these Etsy shops there are inspiring people, human beings with original ideas, unique project, and passion for what they do, loads of studies and tries. I’m so proud to have decided to feature on a monthly basis as many as I can. That’s how I can feel GLOCAL and match my consumer needs to support small, local businesses with my ideals and my Millennial personality.

2 thoughts on “#1 Monthly Etsy picks by ZingyThingies

  1. Monica

    Hey Paola! Thanks so much for including my ear cuff in your Etsy picks! You’ve curated a very beautiful and interesting list of items – can’t wait to check out the other items!

    Cheers, Monica @ Geometric Skies


    1. pbolgan

      Hi Monica, it was a pleasure! Your Etsy shop is really interesting and each of your pieces is so different than what you come across around and could not but be featured! 🙂


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