Ubatuba beaches, love at first sights

To visit Brazil had surprisingly never been on my Travel Bucket List; at least this is what I thought before life tricked me into one of the most empowering, unique and special life event that changed my ways to perceive life. And there I was, with an Air France ticket to Sao Paulo and 3 weeks to discover as much as I could. A couple of days of beach, sun and a caipirinha were totally needed. Thanks to the advice of my friend Rafael, I penciled Ubatuba, on the Litoral Do Norte, in my travel itinerary. It was the best thing I could have done.

Ubatuba can be easily reached by public bus/car from Sao Paulo (we drove through the Natural Reserve Serra do Mar, on the downhill road from Taubaté, which can be  as dangerous as interesting, so drive carefully) and is one of Litoral Do Norte’s most popular beach destinations for the wide choice of clean and wonderful beaches it offers. I counted more than 50 and at least 8 islands for snorkeling and scuba diving, one better than the other, and so different from each other: from long sand strips with calm waters and gradual slopes to beaches with high waves and deep slopes.

These are some of Ubatuba’s best beaches that I suggest you take into consideration and that I absolutely loved!

Ilha das Cuves (from Picinguaba)
Ilha das Cuves can be reached by private boat in 15 minutes from the beach of Picinguaba: you can find locals taking you to the island for 10euro per person and if you are lucky enough you can see dolphins on the way (we did!). This island is an absolute paradise on earth: these photos speak for themselves. Nature is the queen. Make sure you bring your own snorkeling equipment as there is plenty of interesting fishes to discover and your own sandwiches/food as there is absolutely nothing available!

This was the very 1st Brazilian beach I experienced, and it was a blast. A short trail through the forest took us to a nice beach with a bar, sunshades and sun loungers. That’s where I had my very first caipirinha with maracujá and fresh fried “lulas” (squid). The sand is soft and white, while the sea was quite challenging for me as the waves were quite strong and different than what I’m used to in Italy. It was zingy 🙂

This is absolutely one Of Ubatuba’s beaches for families with children: the beach is ideal for walks, the water is calm and there is a parking close by. I had the amazing feeling to be suspended between the  endless sky, the sea and, a lush forest.

A long sandy beach, ideal for walks, and waves for surf lovers. That’s were I saw for the first time some funny grabs, digging their den, holding the extra sands with their claws to through it away once out. Make sure you don’t get too lazy but pay a visit to the Rio de Itamanbuca and where it flows into the sea

Vermelha do Centro
That’s a very central Ubatuba beach, very crowded during the week end but very airy and spacious. On the beach, there are several bars where to order a chilly Original.

Fazenda and Brava de Armada
We had no time to check these 2 beaches but from a panoramic vantage point on our way to Picinguaba. However if you do have the chance check them out and let me know what you think.
General tips about Ubatuba

  • If you are a backpackers like me, book a bed a hostel. You might want to check the Tropical Dolphin Hostel e Pousada or the Ubatuba Surf Hostel, Ubatuba’s top Rated hostels
  • Looking to indulge in something sweet? Check out Tachao de Ubatuba, a ice-cream/bakery/sweet shop that covers everything from coconut icecream to chocolate covered small bananinhas.
  • Feel like exploring the interesting world of Brazilian beers? Take a sit at Sullivan, one of the Northern Coast of Sao Paulo’s largest beer place. Try on of their beers mixed with Amazon fruits.



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