Contemporary jewelry and wearable art

With the 15th International Architecture Exhibition kicking off, Venice has turned into a lab of creativity with several events and exhibitions taking place allover the city. I was lucky enough to attend and event organized by Design.Ve, an exhibition platform which aims to turn some of Venice’s most inspiring venues – from cloisters to ancient palaces and warehouses – into spaces contemplating design and designers.

, curated by Ilaria Ruggiero, is a very intimate contemporary jewelry exhibition showcasing amazing wearable art by some inspiring contemporary jewelry designers.

Here are my favorite ones:

Rosalba Balsamo: a jewelry designer with an architecture background that reflects her creations; on her Instagram Account you can see some of her works. I really like the geometric black chalkboard earrings: they look like a light paper origami
Federica Salaher website showcases a gallery of pieces made from a range of really different materials, from glass to copper, from white gold to rubber. My favorite one? A necklace called “Visible Absence” in white gold and glass.
Eleonora Ghilardi: I really enjoyed the porcelain collection “pearl-celain”, and while looking for more information about her elegant works I came across a special collection, called “Secret Garden” which consists in porcelain including small bits of moss that needs to be water every now and then.
Giulia Savino: her necklaces are “wearable places” since they reproduce maps of cities including 2 of my favorite ones, Venice and Barcelona and many more visible on her website.

A zingy life is also to wear art.

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