An alternative guide to shopping in Venice

Beware, you shopaholics and urban travelers, because you are just about to read my very own tips and suggestions to alternative shopping in Venice.

In a city that lately is, unfortunately, losing out in quality when it comes to retail and shopping, there is still space for hope! There are shops that instead of giving in and selling the usual cheap and plastic looking stuff, are investing in alternative, original and quality goods, whether it’s a pair of shoes, clothing or accessories. I know that you won’t be able to resist the temptation to buy a gondola magnet for your fridge, however, if you are looking for something way above the usual standards, check out the below list including some of my favorite and coolest Venice’s shops.

Mori e Bozzi: shoes for sophisticated feet
kick-ass shoes ranging from sneakers you won’t find anywhere else, to 12-cm sexy heels, flat shoes and boots and some nice accessories to go along.
Where: Cannaregio, 2376

Boutique Nina: what an exquisite London looking tiny boutique
What: if you like silk and soft wool and cashmere clothes, then you are in the right place: open the door and get into this intimate little boutique where time seems to have stopped.
Where: San Polo, 3130

OBag: colorful EVA foam rubber for statement design bags
20151201_184512.jpgWhat: design EVA foam bags you can assemble yourself by picking different pieces in different colors. The same applies to wrist and pocket watches: you can pick up the display you like and match it with the strap.
Where: Cannaregio 5692

Declare: soft leather for statement bags
What: if you are looking for a bag to make heads turn around when you pass by,  pay a visit to this shop. Bags looks so soft and have a “signature” style like few others.
Where: San Polo 2671/C

Attombri: ever thought about wearing a piece of art?
What: when glass beads are combined to handicrafts, art and the passion of 2 Venetian brothers, you get these one of a kind necklaces, pendants and bracelets that goes beyond being simple female accessorizes but become real works of art.
Where: Sottoportego degli Orafi, San Polo, 74

piedàTerre: where tradition, handicrafts and a modern touch meet
What:  the traditional “furlane” produced in Friuli after World War II and used by gondolears on their gondolas, can still be found in this traditional shop in Rialto where they are still hand made by using velvet, brocade, silk and the from bike wheels for the base.
Where: San Polo, 60

Happy shopping in Venice now!


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