How to get to Venice from Tessera and Treviso Airports

When I travel I always like to make sure I know my way from the airport to city centre beforehand and how much it is going to costs me. I hate getting to the airport and wandering wondering what’s next and wasting precious time. This post in completely about how to get to Venice from Tessera and Venice airports, whether you are traveling on a short budget and have no choice but to opt for the public transport or you want to hit downtown in grand style by a private water taxi.

From Tessera “Marco Polo” International Airport
It’s Venice’s main airport, located roughly 15 km to Venice and can be reached in 20 minutes by car, depending on the traffic).

By public bus
ATVO public bus (6 euro for 1-way tickets, 11 euro for return tickets) or ACTV public bus no. 5-Aerobus (8 euro for 1-way tickets, 15 euro for return tickets).
I personally prefer using ATVO as it’s an express service, doesn’t stop but take you directly to Piazzale Roma or Mestre and use GT buses with dedicated luggage storage.

By public vaporetto
Alilaguna vaporetti operates on 3 lines, blue (Cruise Terminal), red (Giudecca), orange (Saint Mark) and it is a fantastic way to arrive in Venice as in the past: by boat. I highly recommended as you will get to see part of the lagoon (can you just imagine how it must be at sunset or sunrise, amazing…) and, for instance, if you get the orange line, all Palaces along the Grand Canal. This option is more expensive but totally worth it (15 euro for 1-way tickets, 27 euro for return tickets).

By private taxi
Taxi apply flat rates that are stated on stickers on the taxi window: the flat rate to Venice Airport is 40 euro.

By private water taxi
If you have no budget restrictions at all, private water taxis are THE way to get to Venice: you will get a full water taxi only for you, picking you up at the airport and dropping you in front of your hotel. Easy peasy! No queue for tickets, just a relaxing journey to downtown. Well, if you are willing to spend between 110 and 88 euro.

From Treviso “Canova” Airport
It’s is located roughly 40 km (allow at least 45 minutes) to Venice and that’s Ryanair’s hub for Venice.

By public bus
Atvo Bus Express (10 euro for 1-way tickets, 18 euro for return tickets) or Barzi Express (10 euro for 1-way tickets, 18 euro for return tickets); Barzi Service travel to Venice through the highway and might just be quicker than ATVO if you are in a rush.

Rates, routes and buses no. are up to date as I write; for more updated information, always check the transportation company’s official web site, at the provided links.

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