How about a baccari tour in Venice Cannaregio?

Cannaregio is my den! It’s the sestriere where I first moved and where I have been living since then. I pretty much know it as my pockets and I can find my way around quite well even when it comes to suggest where to have cichetti, which are little tapas that you can have with your drinks. So, here is my list of the best baccari in Cannaregio.

Al Cicchetto (Strada Nuova)
As well as being one of Venice’s best baccari for meatballs, Al Cicchetto provides much more; the owner can turn a simple slice of bread in a poem by filling it with anchovies, peppers, olives with cheese, baccala, stock fish and much more. They also have a wide choice of cheese you can combine with their wide range of wine bottles.
Baccari in Cannaregio

Al Paradiso Perduto (Fondamenta della Misericordia, 2540)
Who does not know Paradiso Perduto? Some “hard core” Venetian friends claim that it has lost that unique touch since it got included in Lonelyplanet. Yes, it might be a bit overrated as it has been mentioned pretty much everywhere but I remember that the first time I went there for cichetti I just loved it and so will first time visitors. What I really like is the easy going atmosphere and the tables along Fondamenta della Misericordia.

Al Timon (Fondamenta degli Ormesini, 2754)
Even though it got a bit trendier lately, Al Timon is one of my 1st choices when I have visitors as it boasts something that no other baccaro has; along the fondamenta, you will find 2 typical Venetian boats where you can actually sit and sip your drink. For the less brave ones, there are still regular tables and chairs. It’s ideal during the summer.baccari in Cannaregio

Vino Vero (Fondamenta della Misericorda, 5597)
That’s a new entry, opened almost a year ago and, I’m not a wine expert, but if you are I think here you will meet your match as they have very special bottles of real wine. Sometimes they lay carpets on the fondamenta as well as hammocks and it’s nice just to relax there.

Alla Cantinetta (Rio Terà Farsetti)
Never judge a book by its cover. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to Alla Cantinetta! By the look it seems a classic baccaro for elderly men and old fashioned furniture but you couldn’t be more wrong. My favourite is their fantastic cheese produced in mountains bars with bread. And listen to this, you can get pinot grigio starting from 0.90 a glass

All’Antica Carbonera (Campo della Maddalena)
I love this place for the venue a former charcoil deposit with a water gate and plenty of space to sit. This is a major issue in Venice baccari: space is always limited and you might not get to sit and if you do cover charges apply. Not All’Antica Carbonera and it is therefore ideal for small groups of friends and if you have children.

Da Alex e Fred (Ponte delle Guglie)
This is the Kingdom of fried food with disco volante as the special of the house. A disco volante are 2 sliced aubergine covered in a mix of eggs, flour and milk and fried. They are then used as they were 2 slices of bread to make a sandwich with spicy salame, crudo ham or porches. It’s a must try and can only be found here; well done to the staff for such an unique food idea.
baccari a venezia

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