Meatballs in Venice baccari: where to find the best ones

This is serious stuff, it’s all about the secrets of polpette. Can have parsley or not. Can be round or flat. Oily but not too greasy, just what it takes to make it fragrant. Soft inside and crunchy outside. It’s an art: get the wrong type of crumbled bread or fry them wrong and you can say goodbye to your mouthwatering meatball. I don’t know if the perfect one exists, but I can say that I’ve found 2 baccari in Venice serving the best meatball you could ask for. Well, after my mum’s ones….

Trattoria Ca’ D’Oro – Alla Vedova
Tucked away in a lateral alley on crowded Strada Nuova, close to Ca d’Oro, Alla Vedova is class. I like the wooden original arte povera furniture which reminds me so much of my granma’s dining room and kitchen and give such a homey feeling to the place, the mirrors, the copper utensils scattered a bit everywhere, the low light lamps and the terrazzo alla veneziana floor. It’s a baccaro where to order finger food directly from the counter but has also a restaurant. I’ve alway seen load of people having food and I assume it’s just best to reserve a table in advance. The meatball are just, just, just mouthwatering. They are perfectly round, so crunchy outside and so soft inside that I’m still wondering where the secret stands. They are 1.50 euro each as I write this piece. Oh, they don’t serve spritz here, it’s just their policy but you can order white/red wine served directly from jugs. Oh and before you leave and move onto the next baccaro, don’t forget to check that antique framed map of Northern Italy hanged on the left hand side of the exit door.
20150515_192217Al Cicchetto
Really, guys, I’m being very generous here as I’m sharing with you one of my favorite Venice Baccari, still off the beaten path, not that crowded yet or full of tourists. Hidden in Strada Nuova, while it also serves aubergine/veggie balls, meatballs remains the best ones. Bigger than Alla Vedova ones but as good as theirs and around 1.50 euro each. What I like about this place is the background music, soft jazz music that embraces your chats while you meet friends, accompany conversations but never bothers you. What’s unique and great about this place? Food quality, just excellent and local prime products, whether it’s cheese or bread. If you like Friuli wine, well, you are in the right place.

While promising that I will dig deep into my mum’s and granma’s recipe book and I will share with you my own recipe for polpette on the blog, enjoy these baccari’s ones meanwhile.

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