How to airbnb in Venice and to find the perfect accommodation

I’m not a hotel person. I love hostels. I find dorms still fine. I would always stay in hostels when traveling. I’ve just turned 33 though. Yes. I’m feeling like my hostel adventures might just got to their final destination. That’s why I’ve started looking at as a potential alternative to cope with my independent way of traveling without breaking the bank.

I thought it would have been a useful idea to put together some Airbnb wish lists for accommodation in Venice.

I must say that I had fun looking through the listings and coming across some amazing apartments housed in buildings that I pass by every day.  You will find wish lists for every taste: from apartments with amazing views, contemporary design houses, romantic rooms and houses with garden, just help yourself!

My favourite wish list is “The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain” one and it is so much me! I will keep on adding new wishes lists every now and then and new properties to the existing ones when I find something inspiring. If you find this article useful and you get sooooo inspired and decide to book you Venice accommodation straight away, you might want to do it through the below banner.

You can earn 25 EURO for you next booking on  Airbnb (and help me earn some CREDIT too!). Happy trips to Venice!

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