No icecream, no summer!

To try local food is one of my priorities when I travel: I always make sure to ask for suggestions to local friends and have a list of “tested” address even though at the end of the day, you can have the best food ever even from a place you’ve randomly bumped into. Not in Venice. Forget about it. ūüôā

And ice creams are a serious stuff, reason why¬†I’ve carefully planned this post specifically for foodies travelers who have a sweet tooth and don’t want to miss out Venice’s must try ice cream shops. Here are my favorite ones.

Il Gelatone – Rio Terra della Maddalena
Have you spotted a gigantic plastic ice-cream looking stand on your way to¬†Strada Nova? You’ve arrived, that’s “Il Gelatone”, a tiny little ice-cream place with a small but very carefully selected choice of flavours. My favourite ones are, dark chocolate, passion fruit and Doge‘s cream. The nearby Campo Santa Maria Maddalena or Campo Santa Fosca are nice campi if you want to stop, sit down for a while and enjoy your ice-cream in peace.
best ice-cream shops in Venice

Gelateria Alaska – Calle Larga dei Bari
This gelateria has the most authentic icecream flavors I’ve ever tried. Seriously, coffee is like drinking a freshly made espresso from a small cup, peppermint tastes like a whole bunch of real plant just cut and lemon, well, it’s like biting the fruit. High quality products are indeed the secret. In this ice-cream place you can also try more bizarre tastes like ginger, rocket salad (I did try it and believe me, it’s so refreshing during the summer) and wild violet.

Gelateria Ca’ d’Oro – Ca’ D’Oro
As well as serving ice creams, they also di fruit sorbets and Sicilian style slushes to go. They have 3 windows full of ¬†different flavors, from fruits to the more creamy ones. It’s probably the gelateria with the widest choice.
best ice-cream shops in Venice

Da Nico – Zattere
This is an institution and being located on Zattere it makes is just the perfect place to stroll along the quay holding and ice-cream. For the most lazy one, there is also a terrace with Giudecca view (service charge apply). As well as gelato (my favourite flavors? Pear and Chocolate) you should try Gianduiotto a “brick” of frozen hazelnut ice-cream dipped into a cup with homemade stuck with whipped cream. It’s Nico’s very own trademark.

Are you¬†feel adventurous and want to try a 100% local ice-cream shop. Head to Piazzale Roma, jump on no. 6 or 6/ bus to Marghera to try Eta Beta’s Ice-cream. It’s just a 10-minutes bus ride from Venice but it’s worth it if you want to feel like a local.

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