A hidden garden @ Palazzo Soranzo Cappelli

Once again, the 57th Venice Art Biennale has kicked off and will warm up the Venetian summer until October with the main exhibition at the Giardini and collateral events throughout the city. I just love collateral events because, firstly they are free and secondly they are usually housed in palaces and venues that are usually not accessible to the public during the rest of the year.

Yesterday I killed 2 birds with one stone; while visiting a collateral event I got to see a special place that I pass by every morning on my way to work wondering how it must looks like: the garden of Palazzo Soranzo Cappelli which is usually closed to the public. Those lucky ones visiting Venice this summer should make sure they pencil it in their itinerary. It’s in Santa Croce, 5 minutes walking from Santa Lucia Railway Station on Rio Marin.

The whole setting was even more special as it’s one of the Biennale venues for collateral events hosting until mid October bronze statues by the Chilean Surrealistic artist Roberto Sebastian Matta, which are scattered among the vegetation. I could have easily spent the whole day taking photos: the bronze statues were so complimentary to the surrounding vegetation that I had the feeling they were actually natural elements growing beside trees and plants.

In Venice there aren’t many public green areas available and it’s always a pleasure for the soul to see one opening to the public. Since it belongs to the state, it would just be great if institutions had a thought about and made it accessible on a permanent basis and follow the example of the garden of Ca’ Rezzonico, now accessible to everybody. Meanwhile we can still enjoy it for the next couple of months.

This is only one of the many must see Venice Art Biennale collateral events, have you visited any yet? Any that you would suggest? I will be visiting more over the summer and posting on the blogs photos and my impressions.

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