My first #suezo2015 ever

“Su e Zo per i ponti di Venezia” is a charity march taking place every Spring for 37 years now. It’s one of Venice’s most loved and popular events and see families, schools, running clubs, associations and a group of friends wearing comfortable shoes and sporty clothes  and hit the road for a cheerful walk under the sign of solidarity. I had never attended it and this year I was resolute to go for my first “Su e Zo” and thanks to the company of some old good friends and colleagues and a sunny day, it turned out to be just brilliant!
We went for the 12 km one and while the first part of the group was actually running we took it super easy and we just walked. After 40 bridges and 5 hours we made it, super tired but happy and even tanned. There is a shorter 6-km version, recommended to families with children. “Su e Zo” is ideal for 1st-time visitors to Venice who don’t know the city very well and want to do something really authentic and local; the itinerary is set so that to take you through some of Venice’s off beaten path areas, like Castello, Misericordia and Santa Marta. The walking trail is very clear with volunteers helping participants not to get lost and pit stops every now and then. The ticket was 6.50 euro this year and part of it goes to a charity project. There is nothing to feel more proud of than making something good while keeping fit ad healthy and doing slow tourism. We kicked off in Saint Marks’s Square and newspapers are talking about 11.000/12.000 registered participants. IMG_1266 The itinerary took us through Castello with its characteristic laundry hanging out everywhere, to San Pietro di Castello, San Francesco della Vigna all the way to Santi Apostoli e Strada Nova. notmypannicastelloveniceEvery now and then we would get stuck on a bridge, can you just imagine thousands of people on the top of ordinary tourists walking along Venice small alleys? IMG_1299Without even realizing it, we had already made it to Fondamenta della Misericordia in Cannaregio and ready to hit Dorsoduro. The part of the itinerary that I loved the most was Santa Marta which is a very local and authentic area where I don’t really hang around that much but where I’m always happy to go back to. We even got to walk through Venice Marina santa martaTo discover Venice by joining “Su e Zo per i Ponti” is something that I highly suggest also to tourists staying in Venice. It’s slow tourism, and God knows how much Venice needs more of such low impact options to visit the city, you get to support charity projects and you probably get to see nice hidden gems of the city you would never come across alone. Oh, by the way, here it the proof that I really made it all the way through! The date for the 2016 edition is already out on the Su e Zo per i Ponti official website and I’m definitely going to attend again, have I convinced you too? No special training is required, just a nice bunch of people to walk with!

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