Ideas to plan a visit to Ca’ Rezzonico

If you are trying to picture how it must have been to live in the 18th century in one of those majestic palaces facing the Grand Canal , this post might be of some help. A couple of weeks ago I visited Ca’ Rezzonico, a fantastic Baroque palace housing today the Museum of the 18th century Venice. It’s located right behind Campo San Barnaba and can be reached walking from Piazzale Roma and from Santa Lucia Railway Station in 15 minutes, through Campo Santa Margherita. Alternatively you can catch the vaporetto no. 1 and get off at Ca’ Rezzonico. IMG_0978To be a resident or to be born in Venice means free access to MUVE Museum, a network of museums run by Venice City Council which also includes the Doge’s Palace. How cool is this? I mean, to an art addict like me this stands for unlimited access to the beauties of art, endless inspiration, face to face inspiring meetings with Canaletto, Gian Battista and Domenico Tiepolo, Guardi and Tintoretto and the chance to not have to rush through the rooms as I can go back anytime. Having the luxury to go back whenever I wanted, I took it easy and divided my visit in 2 days however it could take hours to go through all the 11 rooms and the painting collection on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor. If you only have limited time, here are my tips for a visit to Ca Rezzonico,  my favorite rooms, paintings and frescoes you cannot miss. I was welcomed by an impressive staircase leading to the massive double high ceiling ball room next doors by Massari. Ca Rezzonico entrance with Staircase I kept constantly my nose up in the Nuptial Allegory Room, frescoed by Gian Battista Tiepolo in honor of the bride and the groom Ludovico Rezzonico and Faustian Savorgnan; they are both depicted on the ceiling on the chariot of the Sun and surrounded by a blindfold Cupid, the Three Graces and the Allegory of Truth (holding the Sun in her hand), Fame (holding a trumpet) and Merit (depicted as a old men wearing a crown of laurel). Can you just imagine it took only 12 day to Tiepolo to complete these frescoes? Gian Battista Tiepolo frescoes ca rezzonico While in the Pastel Room I absolutely loved the Marino Nani Mocenigo collection of ceramics and the collection of pastel paintings by Rosalba Carriera, one of the most important Venetian painters using this technique in Europe in the 18th century. Pastel room ca rezzonico On the 2nd floor, I spend first some time looking at the painting in the porch, including a view by Canaletto on the Grand Canal from Palazzo Balbi and I rushed to the rooms dedicated to the “Frescoes from the Villa in Zianigo“. The most interesting aspect of these frescoes is that they a “private” work of art, decorating walls and ceiling in Gian Domenico Tiepolo’s villa in Zianigo, a small village located in the mainland, 20 km from Venice.Frescoes from the Everyday’s life in the 18th century in the Longhi Room; Pietro Longhi was in fact a Venetian painter famous for its small size genre paintings, depicting ordinary life events. That’s where the visitor has an accurate slide show of Venetian characters posing for an official family picture, having a hot chocolate, going to the hairdresser or asking for advice to a fortune-teller. Among the most interesting subject, there is “Clara the rhinoceros“, one of the very first rhinoceros to be taken to Europe, including Venice in 1750s.guardiroomcarezzonico Last but not least is the Green Lacquer Room a triumph of chinoiseries and is named after the furniture in green lacquer with golden decoration; these photos don’t do it justice, it’s just jaw dropping!Greenlaquerroom This is just a small selection of my favorite moments during my visit; there are still many more rooms to see, many more frescoed ceilings to admire nose up and many more paintings to dream in front of. If, after such an overwhelming visit you want to take it easy, there is always a nice back garden with benches where to rest for a while: yes, the Rezzonicos event had a garden, which is today a small and cosy public garden.20150315_145535 To keep on planning your visit at you can visit Ca Rezzonico official website.

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