Venice in B&W

I have being delaying my first post, being the weather in Venice not that great over the last couple of weeks; I really wanted to go out and be able to take inspiring photos for my first post and take advantage of the sun and of that great light that you somehow get in Venice especially in autumn (I think Manet knew one or two things about this…). But then I decided  to wear my wellies, challenge the rain and take some black and white photos. So there you go, first post, the first couple of photos.

Giudecca seen from Zattere
Giudecca, from Zattere
A small corte overlooking a canal, behind San Barnaba.
Small corte near San Barnaba
Gardella @ Casa Cicogna, Zattere
Gardella Casa Cicogna at Zattere
Nizioletto, Fondamenta degli Incurabili
nizioletto, ponte degli incurabili
Istituto Artigianelli, indoor cloister
Istituto Artigianelli
Fontamenta San Girolamo, Cannaregio
cannaregio, san girolamo
What do you think of this B&W version of Venice? There will definitely be more photos, luckily coloured ones, so stay tuned and check out the upcoming posts.

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